Application development II:

"Pegasus is a computer language. Pegasus differs from other computer languages by the fact that one can write programs in a
natural language. This is possible in several natural languages, among them German and English. After the user has typed in a program in a written natural language, Pegasus tries to understand the meaning of the program. If Pegasus does not understand the meaning, it asks questions to the user. This paragraph is a correct Pegasus program."

Mathematical programming:

"Take the vector <1, 4, 2> and an arbitrary 3x3-matrix "A" with integral entries from 1 to 10. Call the vector "a".

"Take the row Σ(1/n2). Print "convergence", if the row is convergent."

"A topology "T" on an set "X" is an set of subsets of X for which holds: 1. The empty set and the set X are open sets. 2. The intersection of finite many open sets is an open set. 3. The union of arbitrary sets is an open set."

Control of a CAD system:

"Show me the right mudguard.

Show now the rear axle and fade out the car body."

Some Example Programs

The following programs will be able to be written with Pegasus, word for word as they are seen here.

A natural-language program in the domain of window-based applications:

A program to control a humanoid robot:

"Lara, greet the persons in the room.

Go to the chair in the middle of the room and sit down.

Tell us what you have done today.

Lara, please get my glasses from the other room.

Thank you!"

A socioeconomic simulation:

"A society consists of many citizens. The citizens have an income and pay taxes to the state. If a citizen has no job, he is unemployed. Two
citizens of different gender can marry.
A household consists of one or several persons who live together."

"Take 10,000 citizens and 1,000 companies and let these companies employ 8.500 citizens. Now let two years pass and then determine the average income of every household for every year."


Control of a machine:

"Go to the position (10, 15, 5).

Take the 20 mm drill and drill out a hole.

Now mill an arc with radius 30 mm around the hole, from 45 to 125 degrees.

Go to idle state."

Application development:

"A library consists of several rooms containing shelves on which stand books. The books have a three-letter key, which corresponds to three initial letters of the surname of its first author. The books are ordered in the library by this key."

"A visitor lends a book: A new lending card is created and added to the card index box. The book is noted on the lending card as well as the name, the address and the telephone number of the visitor. In addition, the actual date is put down. Now the book is not lendable any more.

A visitor returns a book: The lending card belonging to the book and the visitor is thrown away. Now the book is lendable again."

Control of a car :

"Car, does the intercity express from Mannheim to Frankfurt which should arrive in Frankfurt around 16.13 have a delay? If so, please inform my wife that I will wait for her outside on the parking place."

Programming is art - game programming and artistic programming:

"The 3rd scene: (Middle Ages) A hilly wheat field.
On the left there is a little house on a distance of approximately 100 m. Directly in front of the house stand two trees. From the kitchen of the house which is on the first floor left from the entrance, a conversation can be heard. The player holds a scythe in his hand and wears a straw hat on his head."

"If the player goes directly to the house, then after 10 m from both the right and the left sides two bandits approach, who were first hiding in the wheat field, then they jumped out and are now going to attack the player. Otherwise nothing happens."


Programming of intelligent houses and house electronics:

"Whenever I come home, my house is supposed to greet me with „Hello Katie!“, right after I have entered. If I get home before 18.00, the coffee machine should make me a cup of white coffee. If I

get home after 18.00, then a black tea. At the same time the list of persons which have rung my door bell during this day and their pictures should be displayed rotary. Additionally, the music recorder should play my favorite music with moderate volume.

When Anna and Christian come tonight, turn on the New Zealand pictures in the living-room. Meanwhile record the film at 20.15 in the ARD-channel."



"Repeat the following, until the list is sorted: Go through the list from the beginning till the end. Whenever the actual element is bigger than the following exchange them. If during a pass no exchange occurred, the list is sorted."

Economic simulation II:

"In X, Y, and Z there are coal-fired power stations. In every city there is a transformer station. Connect the power stations with the nearest high voltage power line. Then start them running."


See here for current video-demos and screenshots.

Natural-language data queries, macros and active database systems:

"Computer, take all employees who have been working for us longer than 20 years and whose last name starts with A to O and send them an invitation to the celebration of the jubilee."

"Sending an invitation to a ceremony to someone (to a person): Create a new letter with the address of the person as addressees. Write "Dear (the first name of the person)!". Then [...]"

"Delete contact data of an employee five years after this employee has left the university, but his Internet user account at once."

Efficient Administration

"If the quarterly VAT-declaration has not come in until the 20th of the first month of the new quarter, send a reminder to the dutiable company."

"Send an election information and an absentee vote card to all citizens in the community who are eligible for vote eight weeks before the state-elections."

"Forward all incoming water-bills to the public services."